Breast Cancer? That’s so last year!


It is the month of October and everything is pink. This is when we are supposed to make sure everyone is aware of breast cancer or something. After my own breast cancer journey in 2015 I felt like I had closed that chapter. And now, having “graduated” after 5 years cancer free, I don’t want to walk around with pink ribbons and clever breast cancer t-shirts. That was so 5 years ago! But I do acknowledge the impact that season had on my life and the sense of responsibility I feel to make sure that we are all taking care of our health. I have learned the importance of sharing my story so I encourage you to read through the “Hogblogger Archives” to see how our family navigated that season.  It was hard and often not pretty, but God is faithful and good.  I am oddly thankful for that time and how it solidified my relationship with Jesus.

Maybe it is ok to read back through old chapters

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