For real this time…

fullsizeoutput_44c8Well, hello again!  Since 2016 I’ve been saying I’m going to start writing again.  However, life has a way of happening and, next thing you know, it is 2020 and the only thing I’ve written since 2016 are HR policies for my job. Now we are in the middle of the craziest season in the history of ever and I find myself with nothing but time and, well, thoughts… a lot of them bouncing around in my brain and it is time to get them out.

Fair warning… this is not a place for the easily offended. This is a place where ideas are bounced and “what-if’s” are entertained. My brain is a place of diversity and dreams and wonder. I’m not always right, even when I’m sure I am. I am honest, though, and sometimes people don’t like that. In this world of “Karens” and thought police, I want this space to be one of free exchange. Drop a comment and feel free to share with your own commentary. I only ask for respectful dialog and that the language remains PG.

Stay tuned for thoughts on: The Enneagram, Back-to-School?, Lyme Disease, Church in 2020 America, Homeschooling, Politics… to name a few.  In the mean time, feel free to look back at the nostalgia posts from the “Hogblogger” days.


© Elizabeth Smith 2020


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