About Elizabeth

Christ Follower ~ Wife ~ Mom ~ Political Activist ~ Dog Mom ~ Lover of Beauty ~ Skeptic ~ Lifelong Learner ~ Realist ~ Discerning ~ Foodie ~ Wine Enthusiast  ~ Traveler ~ MK/PK

Hello! Thank you for checking out my blog.  It seems everyone has one these days and I am honored that you chose to visit.

I first entered the blogging world in January of 2015 with 4 friends.  We called ourselves the Hogbloggers.  Our blog was so fun, covering all sorts of things like beauty secrets, party planning, travel, faith and all our crazy shenanigans.  We are still the best of friends but life has pulled us in different directions and we decided to take down the old Hogbloggers site.  I have brought over a handful of those posts (the ones that tell my personal story) and archived them here.

I am excited to continue my solo blogging journey here on “Thoughts” because there is just so much to say!

I have been married to my husband, Kevin, for over 20 years.  We have two teenagers, Elijah and Josie, and two golden doodles named Deacon and Henry.


❤️ Henry and Deacon ❤️


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