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When we used to be fun on the OBX

Previously posted in January 2015 on “The Hogbloggers” site…

After a year of stretching out of my comfort zone, I need a break! Selling a house, moving twice, buying a house, working on an all-consuming political campaign and trying to be all things to all people has been quite intense. 2014 was just crazy fast with way too many plates spinning at once.  As I was getting ready for our New Years celebration with my fellow Hogs I said to my husband, “Remember when we used to be fun?” It was in that moment that I decided my word for 2015 would be

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Learning to Love my Stretchmarks Hogbloggers Archive


Previously posted in January 2015 on “The Hogbloggers” site…

Before you get to thinking this is about learning to love your life-scarred body, let me be clear.  I am not that woman…at all. I’m all for embracing whatever “beautiful” means to you. As for me, I aim to correct the train wreck that was left behind after weaning my sweet little angels. I know plenty of women who wear their stretch marks and saggy breasts as badges of honor and see them as a different kind of beautiful. I applaud those women and their husbands.  I really do, but that’s not where we are going here. Continue reading